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moderating the workshop of the Civil Society Development Forum in Geneva on 28 June 2007, from left to right Dr. Zeki Ergas, myself, David Fernandez, representative of the AEDIDH and Dr. Krishna Patel of the Women Caucus.

mirabile dictu

At the UNHCR conference in Chisinau, Moldova, June 2002

with Thomas McCarthy at a UN panel discussion presintring the Luarca Declaration 2007

Why on earth am I getting this honor? Being welcomed as a new member of the conseil scientifique of the Académie Internationale de Droit Constitutionnel by Canadian law Professor and Senator Gérald A. Beaudoin Tunis (9 July 2004) fama volat
New member of the Conseil scientifique de l'Académie internationale de droit constitutionnel, Tunis (10 July 2004)
dura lex sed lex
participating at the round table on religious minorities at the University of Alcala de Henares on 29 November 2005
with Assistant Professor Björn Arp and the star lawyer Jose Luis Mazon in Alcala de Henares on 28 November 2005

Giving my book "Nemesis at Potsdam" to Dr. Otto von Habsburg in Bonn, 1978.

Voina i mir !
Sharing a beer with former Soviet Foreign Minister Kozyrev after participating in a podium discussion organized by the Internationale Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte in Frankfurt, 1995
pas optima rerum
At the United Nations Roundtable on the Human Right to Peace, Palais des Nations, Salle XXIV, presenting the Luarca Declaration on 15 March 2007 with Professors Carlos Villan Duran and Federico Andreu
si vis pacem, cole justitiam

On the second day of the round table at the Palais des Nations, on 16 March 2007 together with Carlos Villan Duran and Carmen Ruedan Castañon

omnis homo mendax giving an interview to ZDF on the Historikerstreit (Mainz 1988)
de nihilo nihil Delivering a lecture at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (2003)
Hic Rhodos, hic salta!
oderint, dum metuant
University of British Columbia in Vancouver (2003)
inter saxum et locum durum
nuda veritas Giving an interview in Russian at a studio in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for samisdat transmission in the Soviet Union 1987, together with Vladimir Bukovsky
Nihil obstat at my office at the Institut für Völkerrecht der Universität Göttingen, where I was Wissenschaftlicher Assistent 1974-79.This photo was taken for an interview I gave to Der Spiegel in January 1980 on my book Die Wehrmacht-Untersuchungsstelle VERITAS (in vino) My graduation picture at Harvard Law School, 1970, happy days without eyeglasses !
gnothi seauton
With Law Professor Marie-Luce Pavia of the Université de Montpellier, France, at a reception in Tunis (10 July 2004)
With Ambassador Robert Murphy at his office in New York during a visit prior to his writing the preface to my book "Nemesis at Potsdam", January 1977
beauty and Big Al Frankfurt bookfair when my second book, the Wehrmacht-Untersuchungsstelle was released by Univesitas/Langen Müller in Munich (October 1979) alter ipse With Oldrich Andrysek at an UNHCR Conference in Chisinau, Moldova, where I spoke on Human Rights and Refugees (June 2002)
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