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tulip fields in Holland 2006


this year we did our cycling earlier in the season, and the tulips were not fully out

hyacinth fields near Limmes in Holland, April 2007

the endless fields of hyacinths near Egmond, in April 2007

blue hyacithns on the road to Bergen

They make fine ceramics at this old monastery surrounded by tulip and hyacinth fields. The sea is only 4 miles away and the dunes are divine for cycling. Water. alas, was only 12 degrees, so we did not swim this time.
in the garden of the Hostelllerie de la Tour d'Auxois in Saulieu, next to the swimming pool, in front of the Restaurant Bernard Loiseau, where we had a succulent 5-course dinner. Drank a Faiveley Chardonnay, Clos Rochette, Nuit St. Georges

On the fifth course of my birthday dinner at Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu, tying my fifth bow tie (one per course)
We drank a spectacular Vosne Romanée

Just before the ritual birthday swim - I am wearing an Ecuadorian sweater because the air was rather cool

Ritual birthday swim in lac de Cahmnboux, just south of Saulieu, Bourgogne, water was around 14 degrees

my Russian prepodavatelnitza, Nadia Stouffs, reminiscing about the antics of the UN Russian class

Astrid Delissen, reminiscing our international law lectures at Leiden

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