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mijn buikje vol gegeten Nothing like a good dinner at home with my wife, accompanied by good wine and good friends ! April 2001. on the back terrace, enjoying a home-brewed champagne from eldelberry flowers on my birthday 2007
ardentia verba ! At the fireplace with the Zayas coat of arms under trophies from older days of hunting 19 December 2005 a cold day in Geneva, but cozy at the fireplace

first snow in Geneva November 2005

the garden with the fountain and the ping pong table on the terrace under the snow, November 2005
Iucundi acti labores In the terrace of my house in Geneva (2003) Photo taken by my wife
Lucullus the living room at Xmas with "Jaap", the snowman outside the door and my wife playing a boardgame in the twilight
zeldzame vogel 3 April 2005 reading the Dutch newspaper heel lekker

! 3 April 2005 having my first nettle soup of the spring season in my garden in Grand Saconnex

Christmas 2004 at home with my sister Vicky visiting from Florida. We then flew to Rome to an audience with the late Pope John Paul II In July 1999 in the garden with (from left to right) Prof. Dieter Blumenwitz (Würzburg), Prof. Schermers (Leyden), Prof. Christian Tomuschat (Berlin)
front of the house in Le Grand Saconnex a quiet suburb of Geneva, ten minutes by bicycle from the Palais des Nations, the European United Nations headquarters In October the Japanese maple and the creeping vine turn this red, and the old oaks, ash and limes turn orange and yellow. Autumn is our favourite season.
springtime is lovely in the backyard, the three rhododendrons bloom, the camelias, the roses, and there we are sitting under the Douglas fir and the lime tree, drinking home-made lemonade. Winter is the time to build snowmen, but we do not always get enough snow - or the right kind of snow - to make proper snowmen as I used to make in Chicago, where we had 10 times more snow than here in Geneva. "Jaap", wearing my hunting hat, stands next to an outdoor Xmas tree..
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