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Useful Links:
a fine website on the greatest mass expulsion of history 1944-1948.
site of Ann Morrison (USA) who is doing
very good work on documenting the forgotten
genocide of the Vertreibung
Site of my good friend
Gunther Marko, German barrister
The new publishing house in Munich

and London that did my "50 Thesen zur
N.P.Engel Verlag, Kehl am Rhein
(live for life site c/o Isabel Möller Contreras)
Associacion Cultural Zayas, Madrid
(World Wildlife Fund, Gland, Switzerland)

American Friends Service Committee
A new quarterly on foreign affairs
(Site of the Geneva magazine DIVA International)
site of Professor Elkins on Lawyers and Poetry
(site of the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, a new university institute in Geneva, where I teach international law and world history)
Associación Española para el Desarrollo y la Aplicación del Derecho Internacional de los Derechos Humanos, President Carlos Villán Durán, drafters of the "Luarca Declaration on the Human Right to Peace"
(site of Dr. Daniele Ganser, a rising star among Swiss experts in peace and security)
(site for peacekeeping, reconciliation, against war and poverty)
(United Nations)
(Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)
(Geneva peace group)
Site of George Galloway
(site of Fawzia Assaad, former President of PEN International Centre Suisse Romande and Trustee of PEN International, author of i.a. "La grand maison de Louxor" and "Ahlam et les Eboueurs du Caire")
(Benjamin Ferencz site, peace activist, champion of the ICC, former US Chief Prosecutor at one of the Nuremberg Trials, patriot)
Professor Noam Chomsky's rich site. He'll give you enough food for thought -- for a lifetime!
Professor Norman G. Filkelstein, New York - don't miss his new book Beyond Chutzpah
Harold Pinter, Stephen Fry, Mike Leigh and other prominent British voices call for freer debate about the Middle East within the Jewish community based on universal human rights.
Site of Canadian historian James Bacque, author of "Other Losses" and "Crimes and Mercies"
Site of Ius Primi Viri, ngo in special consultative status with ECOSOC
UN representative Osman El Hajjé
Professor Jacob Sundberg, University of Stockholm
a brilliant original lawyer, thinker, philospher
Professor emeritus Ernst Nolte, Berlin, philosopher and historian, principal figure of the "Historikerstreit"
Site von Dr. Karl-Heinz Weissmann, author of thought-provoking books
(PEN International site)
(PEN Suisse romande)
(site of a PEN Club colleague)
(PEN American Centre)
(human rights)
(amnesty international site)
(PEN world links)
(Holy See - indulgence guaranteed)
(website of Sam Hamill, American poet, editor and co-founder of copper Canyon Press) my page
(website of activist anti-war Americans)
(grass root activism for busy people)
(Centre against Expulsions, Berlin)
(site of German expellees)
(cultural site of Germans world wide)
(Institute of German-American Relations)
(site of Dr. Arnd Bernaerts on sea climate change)
(private site of Soviet era awards of collector friend)
(International Rainer Maria Rilke Society)
(Oecumenical Christian movement)
Global Marshall Plan Initiative
site of Pofessor Kirk Boyd's Project 2048
(Ben Cohen's site)
(Michael Moore's page)
(environmental site)
(plan for a world-wide eco-social market economy)
(Global anti-poverty movement)
(make poverty history)
(the best antiquarian in Bayreuth, books, graphics, programmes, autographed photos, sculptures)
(Emil Brost produces outstanding crystal artwork and exhibits at his atelier in Neckarzimmern, near Heidelberg and at Mosbach. His wonderful Ebro collection is sold worldwide, including by New York's Tiffany)
(wonderful crystal from the Fichtelgebirge)
(gut schlemmen und schlummern, kaum fünf Kilometer vom Festspielhaus Bayreuth entfernt, the friendliest little hotel of my friend Silke Hauenstein)
(Internationale Gesellschaft für Menschenrechte)
(International Society for Human Rights)
(friend's German travel agency)
(Association for the prevention of torture)
(Swiss/world news and commentary in German)
(site of my German fraternity at the University of Tübingen in Württemberg)
(Académie internationale de droit constitutionnel)
(site of the Armenian National Committee of America, Washington, D.C.)
(site of a friend)
(site of my friend Dr. Cynthia Price Cohen with all details how to obtain the liftvest, a garment to facilitate transportation of injured or disabled persons with dignity)
(site of the late author and philanthropist Victor Gollancz)
(international literary foundation in Lavigny, Canton de Vaud in Switzerland)
(Centre Culturel Suisse de Paris, Pro-Helvetia)
(site of the German student fraternity Rhenania at the University of Tübingen)
Site of the Château de Passières in Chichilianne, with the best view of the Mont Aiguille in the French Vercors
(environmental protection)
(World Wildlife Fund)
(former President Jimmy Carter's foundation)
(daily news portal - selection of news items and op-eds on the US-election, Iraq, Guantánamo, etc.)
(site of an Austrian friend in Florence)
(Brian Wright's page with the "Coffee Coaster" and other interesting commentaries and book reviews)

My publishers:
(Herbig Verlag, Munich, Germany)
(Picton Press, PO Box 1347
Rockland, ME 04841) order from
(Palgrave/Macmillan, New York)
(Verlag Koehler & Mittler, Hamburg, Germany)
(Red Hen Press, Los Angeles)
write to "Mark E. Cull"
(Leopold Stocker Verlag/Ares, Graz, Austria

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