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spiritus fiat ubi vult Silhouette of Fulbright fellow and frat pledge, Fuchs de Zayas, at Corps Rhenania zu Tübingen , 1971-72. See Arthur Dudden (ed.) The Fulbright Expreience, Transaction Books, New Brunswick and Oxford, 1987. pp. 59-69.. victis honos

Group of young men of the Sophomore class at Harvard enjoying the sport of dueling and card playing, Woodcut, ca. 1857. I never dueled at Harvard, but I did play cards !

ubi bene, ibi patria!

Corps Rhenania zu Tübingen, my fraternity while a Fulbright Fellow in Germany, located on the Osterberg, overlooking the Neckar River

Suevia (IV) c/a Rhenania, Mensurbild, Tübingen, ca. 1847, Aquarell, 20,5 x 16 cm, "fec. Ansel", Städtische Sammlungen Tübingen, Inv. 2268.
The chair of the "erstchargierter" or holder of the first charge, the "Senior" of the fraternity Proooooooost ! Fuchs Overesch and Fuchs de Zayas sing from the Kommersbuch and enjoy Dortmunder Kronenbier
Proooooost ! With Christian Schulze at the Kösener Treffen in May 1979 in Würzburg, in the middle my good friend Wolf Spietz, now a partner with a major Berlin law firm sic transit gloria mundi Singing "Ergo Bibamus" (by Goethe) and "Gaudeamus igitur, juvenes dum sumus" (traditional) -- the more mature Alter Herr at the Stiftungsfest (fraternity festivity) in Tübingen, 1990.
Blowing my own horm with the fraternity banner from the top of the tower of the Corpshaus overlooking the Neckar valley and the venerable university town of Tübingen below and the "Hölderlin-Turm" on the shores of the Neckar River from where we used to go punting. practicing for Venetian gondolier

punting on the River Neckar in Tübingen, against the current and with a very heavy punting pole (far more difficult than punting at Oxford and Cambridge, where I have done it with aluminium poles, but under pouring rain), July 1977

vivat crescat floreat Prince Otto von Bismarck, Germany's Chancellor from 1871 to 1890, as a young student at the University of Göttingen, member of the fraternity Corps Hannovera where I celebrated my doctorate in history on 27 June 1977. O Tannenbaum ! With Gösta Dahmen, Christian Schulze and Uli Overesch at the Xmas tree in the Kneipe of Corps Rhenania, December 1988
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