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"Larenopfer" second revised edition 2008
ISBN 13-978-1-59709-080-3

with a preface by Professor Ralph Freedman

Konecne! For all 90 translations into English with commentary contact Red Hen Press, Los Angeles. All book illustrations including the cover are by Martin Andrysek, currently an architecture student at Westminster College in London. In Geneva the book can be purchased at Literart, Boulevard Georges Favon 15, Tel. 022/3114080.
If you wish a signed copy, please write to my guestbook. You can order the book directly from the publisher:
mark@redhen.org or www.redhen.org

For a selection of translations from the book click here.

For my lecture (in French) at the Fondation Rainer Maria Rilke in Sierre, Valais, on 24 January 2005 click here

For my lecture in Bazenheid, Switzerland (in German), on 26 November 2008, click here

Larenopfer” 1896

Click on icon for image of cover page of the original edition with dedication to his painter friend Heinrich Vogeler from the Worpswede artist colony.

Preface to "Larenofper" (Offerings to Lares in English)

Click on icon for photo of Rilke (circa 1894) or here for text of word doc.

Miscellaneous English translations of Rilke poems, including "Herbsttag" and "Leda" (published in Esoteric Magazine, University of British Columbia 2005, p. 26)

Three Spanish translations from:

Das Studenbuch, Die Neuen Gedichte & Das Buch der Bilder

Translation of Volksweise into French

Click on icon for photo of Rilke (circa 1898) . Click here for miscellaneous Spanish translations (published in Ex Tempore XV, pp. 149-151)




From December 1912 to February 1913 Rilke housed in the Reina Victoria Hotel in Ronda, Sapin, where he wrote part of the 6th Elegy and a dozen other poems including the wonderful "Spanische Trilogie". The Hotel has a small Rilke museum with interesting memorabilia in room 207, from where Rilke enjoyed the magnificent panorama of the Andalusian mountains. On 31 March 2007 Carla took this picture of me, next to Rilke's bronze statue in the hotel garden, and sitting at what may have been Rilke's desk.

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