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Noli me tangere

Swans in History (published in Ex Tempore XXIV)

Human Rights in the New Millennium (published in Diva International, June 2008)

Hölderlin, March 2007

Lessons from Genesis
January 2007

An Easter Meditation, 12 April 2006

The Samaritan Woman, thanksgiving day, 23 November 2006

What indigenous place names tell us

On history and the so-called discovery of America (published in Ex Tempore XVI, pp. 31-32)

UN Farewell

Of Passion, Poetry and Papayas (published in Ex Tempore VI -1996)

Our cherished historical misconceptions
(published in Ex Tempore III -1992, pp. 50-62)

More historical misconceptions
(Ex Tempore V -1994, pp. 45-48)


Es war einmal
(unpublished prose-poem to accompany a fictional story depicted in a series of ancient Chinese and Japanese drawings)


Essai sur le fils prodigue,
Chapelle de Crêts
21 juin 2014


Essai sur le pardon (chapelle des crêts 24 janvier 2014)

Essai sur la loi (chapelle des crêts 23 mars 2013)

"Partout et toujours" (text of my mediation delivered at the service of 11 february 2012 at the Chapelle des Crêts)

"Réconciliation" (text of my meditation delivered at the service of 9 October 2010 at the Chapelle des Crêts

"L'art pour l'art. Est-ce que cela existe ? "
(published in CENOBIO, rivista trimestrale di cultura, Anno LIII. Aprile-giugno 2004)

Maison de la Paroisse de Crêts (publié dans Le Messager No. 2, 2007)

Don Quijote cumple 400 años (adapted and published in Ex Tempore XV, pp. 4-5)

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