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Name: Dipl.-Phys. Helmut Gobsch data: 2014-12-05 11:39:51 email:
Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. de Zayas

der neue Präsident des Bundes der Vertriebenen Herr Dr. Fabritius gab auf meine Fragen hinsichtlich der Benesh-Dekrete völlig unbefriedigende Antworten. siehe hier:

Ich werde noch einmal konkret nachfragen. Haben Sie dazu Vorschläge ?

Beste Grüße

Helmut Gobsch
Anerkannter ehemaliger politischer Häftling Sudetenland
Name: Gerlinde Lenz data: 2014-12-03 21:29:28 email: geometricjewelsä
Hope to hear from you soon, Alfred! See my fb message.
Name: alessandro data: 2014-12-03 09:03:12 email:

as per your message today in linkedin

Dear Dr. de Zayas,

I am a lawyer specialzing in international litigation based in Madrid.

I would like to share with you a brief paper I have just published on a landmark international criminal development in Spain. It is a case of alleged tortures committed by five Spanish soldiers in Iraq being investigated by a Spanish military court. The analysis focuses on the interaction and distribution of jurisdiction between national criminal jurisdictions and the International Criminal Court (ICC) in cases of possible crimes within the jurisdiction of the latter (ICC complementarity). The link to the work is below:

I look forward to receiving your comments on the paper.

Kind regards

Alessandro Spinillo
Name: Dipl.-Phys. Helmut Gobsch data: 2014-11-18 07:44:02 email:
Die Homepage von Dr. Fabritius:
Name: Dipl.-Phys. Helmut Gobsch data: 2014-11-18 07:17:56 email:
Sehr geehrter Herr Dr.Fabritius,

vorerst meinen herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Wahl als BdV-Präsident !

Ich wurde am 06.06.1943 in Wischkowa (Sudetenland) unweit der Stadt Postelberg (traurig bekannt durch den Postelberger Massenmord - dort wurde auch mein Onkel Adolf bestialisch ermordet) geboren. Unsere Familie wurde von Haus und Hof 1945 vertrieben und interniert und meine Mutter musste bis 1946 Zwangsarbeit leisten. Dann wurden wir auf Viehwagen geladen und in die damalige SBZ verbracht.

Die Bundesregierung hält nach wie vor die Benes-Dedkrete und die Vertreibung der Sudtendeutschen für völkerrechtswidrig !

Meine Fragen an Sie:

1. Wie und wann setzen Sie sich persönlich gegen die völkerrechtswidrigen Beneš-Dekrete ein ?

2. Wann wird unsere Familie rehabilitiert ?

3. Wann kann unsere Familie mit einer Entschädigung rechnen ?

(Bitte auf meine Fragen korrekt und präzise antworten !)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

- Bürger aus Halle(Saale)
Anerkannter ehemaliger politischer Häftling
Opfer fortgesetzter Behördenwillkür

Name: Jonas Rabinovitch data: 2014-11-11 11:32:03 email:
To: Mr. Alfred de Zayas and colleagues

Dear Alfred I tried to reach you via the iSeek page, but the link does not work.

I have been a staff member for over 20 years (I am originally from Brazil) based in NY and only recently learned about Ex Tempore. I will be sending a contribution by 15th November as requested.

I have also published drawings and illustrations worldwide in various newspapers and magazines. I wonder if you need illustrations and cartoons or perhaps a humour page?

I would be pleased to send you a sample of my work. Best regards
Jonas Rabinovitch Senior Adviser
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Tel: +1-212-963-5603
Name: PETER data: 2014-11-11 01:25:37 email:
UOTE who="Petulka"]Hi people :)
I am a teenager from the Czech republic.
I was in Germany as an exchange student. I was about to spend one schoolyear there but after 5 months, I had to leave that country.
First I'd like to tell you that before I travelled to Germany, I really loved that country: The people
were often very friendly to me and my family when we spent our holidays there, I loved Bavaria and Bavarian food, I was totally in love with the German language and I wanted to move there and to spend my whole life there. But now I have a different point of view: I was too young and stupid. The real Germany is different.
I tried to make new friends all the time but almost every time I thought I found a new friend, it was a mistake: We laughed together, I heard:"Oh, wow, it's so fun with you!" and so on and the next day, that person acted like:"What? Who are you? I don't know you, please, let me alone." I was never able to understand this.
I had quite good marks at school and some of my schoolmates didn't like me because their marks were worse. They were just walking around me and ignoring me.
The next thing which shocked me was that many Germans (at age 30-35+) didn't even know that my country isn't Czechoslovakia anymore.
A lot of my schoolmates also asked me what time it is in my country, if we have mobile phones there, if we can make a driving license there and so on. I thought they were joking but after some time it got serious and they acted to me like:"Oh my God, that is the dirty Russian!" and they told me I was very "Ostblockmäßig".
When I asked my host family if they are going to visit my country, when I leave, they told me:"No, sorry, we're afraid that our car will be stolen there"
Once my host father told me:"Why can't you finally get it? People here don't care if you're Czech, Polak, Ukrainian or Russian. When you hear Chinese, do you recognize that that person, who is speaking, is Chinese and not Korean or Japanese?"
Germans were talking about me like about a monkey who came from a land which is full of protitutes, drug dealers and drunk homeless people. But they didn't even know that Prague is the Czech capital.
Turks, Muslims, black people, Asian people - they all were ok and welcome for the Germans but I was the only bad one.
The other exchange students were from Finland, Norway, France - they were all very popular and everyone wanted to be their friend but who did care about me? Nobody.
The next thing I minded a lot was that everyone thought they can do anything they want to me and I would never defend myself. And they were right: every time I said something, my host family was angry and I had to excuse myself and then I was better saying nothing. So many people were still insulting me there and joking about me.
I could never recognise who liked me and who didn't, the Germans were so cold!
But yeah, I met also some very good and friendly people who I still stay in touch with until today.
But at the end, I was so disappointed that I had to leave Germany immediately.
But still I learnt one very important thing: I learnt to love my country and to be happy for the place I live in. I am never going to leave my homeland and to live abroad. My country is maybe not as rich as Germany but the life quality is very very good here and the people are different here: They are mostly friendly, open and outgoing and if they don't like you, they tell it to you and walk away. In Germany NOBODY ever told me that, instead of that, the people were telling me: "Yeah, it's ok, we like you." and then they were acting bad to me.
So that's my story. I always wanted opinions from other people about this so that's the reason why I have wrote it, I don't want to insult anyone.
Thanks :) [/QUOTE


Hi, Petulka! Your report (above) was interesting and some points you make may be true! But you left out one very important subject from the history of the Germans and Czechs. In 1945, the 'brave' Czechs murdered hundreds of thousands of Sudeten Germans--primarily women, children and old people. Czech thugs expelled two and a half million Germans from the Sudetenland which was their ancient homeland and where they had been living for centuries. The mass rape, indiscriminate murder and pillaging which took place will never be forgotten by the Germans. Perhaps this might be part of the reason you were treated as you were. Benes and the Czechs who murdered the Sudeten Germans and drove them from their rightful homeland were criminals then and now. All Germans know what was done to their countrymen in post-war Czechoslovakia. No one can ever forget or, for that matter, forgive! By refusing to repeal the criminal Benes dictates, the Czechs clearly demonstrate their own lack of interest in reconciliation and forgiveness.
Name: Armin adH Toepsch data: 2014-10-20 12:59:50 email:
Dear Mr de Zayas

Your answer to my request is very much appreciated!
Best regards
Armin adH Toepsch
Name: Armin aus dem Hause Toepsch data: 2014-10-07 15:40:06 email:
Dear Mr de Zayas
I am Souvereign of the Freestate of Prussia. Our aim is to install peace and freedom not only in Germany but also in Europe and in the World.
Based on the law of Nations the Souvereigns of the Freestate of Prussia are very interested to get in contact with you.
Please be aware that this email is no spam! We really need your support to install not only freedom but also the human rights to all People.
Please come back to me very soon.
Yours sincerely
Dr Armin Toepsch
Name: Brendan D. King data: 2014-10-02 21:51:26 email:
Hello Professor.
You may be interested to know that a a German immigrant here in Central Minnesota persuaded his neighbors to donate an enormous amount of food, clothing, etc. to destitute expellees I. West Germany after WWII. HI know his daughter and where his many thank you letters are stored. Feell free to contact me if you would like more info.
Name: Kai Landow data: 2014-09-28 10:29:10 email:
Aloha Alfred, I look forward to seeing you in October in New York. Keep doing such great work
Name: Dr. Garg data: 2014-09-23 16:35:18 email:
Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. de Zayas, würden Sie sich an einer Gedenkschrift für Prof. Dr. Kurt Sontheimer beteiligen wollen? Nähere infos unter obiger Email-Anschrift. Mit freundlichen Grüssen nach Genf Dr.Adelheid Maria Garg
Name: Daniel García Casillas data: 2014-09-02 17:19:06 email:
My name is Daniel Garcia Casillas, reporter for Metro World News, the global newswire service for global daily newspaper network Metro International. Metro is published in over 100 major cities in over 20 countries across Europe, North & South America and Asia. We are very interested in have an interview with you about the International Day of Democracy. Can i send you a few questions by email? Thanks
Name: Miriam Gusevich data: 2014-09-02 12:34:06 email:
Alfred: Recibi un mensaje de Alfred Mousset, de la Habana, Cuba con una foto de mi niñez, buscando a mi hermana.
El me dio su dirección:
Todavia usa este correo electronico? Gracias de antemano por contestar.

Name: Rich Lightner data: 2014-08-21 23:52:34 email:
In last years report to UNCHR,you mentioned ways that seem very closely related to a reply from Einstein to the executive secretary of the Paraguayan Academy of the Historical, Political, and Sciences Oct. 16, 1950 to the question of what should be the attitude Latin-American youth in such times of world-wide uncertainty? Calling for a supranational government, he thought the UN could be transformed into an organization for global self-government. First, he thought the smaller countries should join hands and become an independent mediating factor and resolutely oppose any attempt to reduce the UN to a mere instrument in the struggle for national power. Then, he proposed to make an attempt so that the delegates to the UN would become independent of their respective governments and that they be responsible solely to their constituents who elect them and to their own conscience. "Only then will they be able to act on behalf of the supranational interests of all." It's a fascinating read from a wonderful book you may have read- Einstein on Peace edited by Otto Nathan and Heinz Norden. Keep up the great work!! :) Cheers, Rich
Name: ROSE SCOTT data: 2014-08-21 18:12:15 email:
I am in urgent need to request permission to use some quotes for my book. "Threaten to Undo Us" is in process of publication and is based on a true life story of a family expelled from Poland. Please e-mail me at
Name: ursula perino data: 2014-08-06 11:17:19 email:
hallo,ich hoffe es geht ihnen gut.sie wollten sich doch mal nach einem job im humanitären bereich erkundigen.ich würde so gerne in diesem bereich etwas tun.wäre schön,wenn sie sich einmal melden würden.vielen dank
ursula perino
Name: Yvnnone Synalim data: 2014-07-29 00:54:48 email:
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Name: Gayle McElhanon data: 2014-07-08 13:37:26 email:
I have scanned an article appearing in Texas Coop Magazine about the peace treaty German immigrants made with the Comanche Indians in Texas. The treaty remains unbroken to this day. I would like to post this article on this website and say that Germans got a bad rap from WWII that is unfairly continued by a dishonest news media that tells only one side of the story for profit. The Germans who settled Texas were not the only honest ones on the planet. They brought their values with them from Germany. They were the only group who got along with the Comanches because they made trade agreements and KEPT them unlike the American Federal government that broke every agreement, stole Indian land, and forced them on a death march called the Trail of Tears. This same Federal government that fire bombed German cities, prevented humanitarian aide to post war Germany, and drank toasts with Stalin. Stalin, who was in truth the greatest mass murderer in history.
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