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Name: Armin adH Toepsch data: 2014-10-20 12:59:50 email:
Dear Mr de Zayas

Your answer to my request is very much appreciated!
Best regards
Armin adH Toepsch
Name: Armin aus dem Hause Toepsch data: 2014-10-07 15:40:06 email:
Dear Mr de Zayas
I am Souvereign of the Freestate of Prussia. Our aim is to install peace and freedom not only in Germany but also in Europe and in the World.
Based on the law of Nations the Souvereigns of the Freestate of Prussia are very interested to get in contact with you.
Please be aware that this email is no spam! We really need your support to install not only freedom but also the human rights to all People.
Please come back to me very soon.
Yours sincerely
Dr Armin Toepsch
Name: Brendan D. King data: 2014-10-02 21:51:26 email:
Hello Professor.
You may be interested to know that a a German immigrant here in Central Minnesota persuaded his neighbors to donate an enormous amount of food, clothing, etc. to destitute expellees I. West Germany after WWII. HI know his daughter and where his many thank you letters are stored. Feell free to contact me if you would like more info.
Name: Kai Landow data: 2014-09-28 10:29:10 email:
Aloha Alfred, I look forward to seeing you in October in New York. Keep doing such great work
Name: Dr. Garg data: 2014-09-23 16:35:18 email:
Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. de Zayas, würden Sie sich an einer Gedenkschrift für Prof. Dr. Kurt Sontheimer beteiligen wollen? Nähere infos unter obiger Email-Anschrift. Mit freundlichen Grüssen nach Genf Dr.Adelheid Maria Garg
Name: Daniel García Casillas data: 2014-09-02 17:19:06 email:
My name is Daniel Garcia Casillas, reporter for Metro World News, the global newswire service for global daily newspaper network Metro International. Metro is published in over 100 major cities in over 20 countries across Europe, North & South America and Asia. We are very interested in have an interview with you about the International Day of Democracy. Can i send you a few questions by email? Thanks
Name: Miriam Gusevich data: 2014-09-02 12:34:06 email:
Alfred: Recibi un mensaje de Alfred Mousset, de la Habana, Cuba con una foto de mi niñez, buscando a mi hermana.
El me dio su dirección:
Todavia usa este correo electronico? Gracias de antemano por contestar.

Name: Rich Lightner data: 2014-08-21 23:52:34 email:
In last years report to UNCHR,you mentioned ways that seem very closely related to a reply from Einstein to the executive secretary of the Paraguayan Academy of the Historical, Political, and Sciences Oct. 16, 1950 to the question of what should be the attitude Latin-American youth in such times of world-wide uncertainty? Calling for a supranational government, he thought the UN could be transformed into an organization for global self-government. First, he thought the smaller countries should join hands and become an independent mediating factor and resolutely oppose any attempt to reduce the UN to a mere instrument in the struggle for national power. Then, he proposed to make an attempt so that the delegates to the UN would become independent of their respective governments and that they be responsible solely to their constituents who elect them and to their own conscience. "Only then will they be able to act on behalf of the supranational interests of all." It's a fascinating read from a wonderful book you may have read- Einstein on Peace edited by Otto Nathan and Heinz Norden. Keep up the great work!! :) Cheers, Rich
Name: ROSE SCOTT data: 2014-08-21 18:12:15 email:
I am in urgent need to request permission to use some quotes for my book. "Threaten to Undo Us" is in process of publication and is based on a true life story of a family expelled from Poland. Please e-mail me at
Name: ursula perino data: 2014-08-06 11:17:19 email:
hallo,ich hoffe es geht ihnen gut.sie wollten sich doch mal nach einem job im humanitären bereich erkundigen.ich würde so gerne in diesem bereich etwas tun.wäre schön,wenn sie sich einmal melden würden.vielen dank
ursula perino
Name: Yvnnone Synalim data: 2014-07-29 00:54:48 email:
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Name: Gayle McElhanon data: 2014-07-08 13:37:26 email:
I have scanned an article appearing in Texas Coop Magazine about the peace treaty German immigrants made with the Comanche Indians in Texas. The treaty remains unbroken to this day. I would like to post this article on this website and say that Germans got a bad rap from WWII that is unfairly continued by a dishonest news media that tells only one side of the story for profit. The Germans who settled Texas were not the only honest ones on the planet. They brought their values with them from Germany. They were the only group who got along with the Comanches because they made trade agreements and KEPT them unlike the American Federal government that broke every agreement, stole Indian land, and forced them on a death march called the Trail of Tears. This same Federal government that fire bombed German cities, prevented humanitarian aide to post war Germany, and drank toasts with Stalin. Stalin, who was in truth the greatest mass murderer in history.
Name: George James data: 2014-06-11 00:45:30 email:
Ron Barnes, Ambassador for Alaska Natives, told me that you were in Anchorage this week meeting with Alaska Natives. He said I should send info to you regarding the Kuiu Tlingit Nation. Please send your email address so that I can send the proper attachment.
Name: Peter data: 2014-06-09 05:03:49 email:

the other, unknown Holocaust

I am unable to comprehend the number of hateful, prejudicial and mean-spirited comments aimed at the Germans. Some 70 years later, many ignorant individuals continue to equate all Germans with Nazis. In reality, the atrocities committed by the Soviets, Poles, Czechs and others against the Germans during and after the War were almost as bad as those committed by the Nazi. Whatever you may believe, there was no justifiable revenge for Red Army troops to mass rape millions of German women in East Prussia, Berlin and elsewhere in front of their children and then nail them to barn doors. Further there was no justification for the Russians to castrate young boys who attempted to defend their mothers, sisters and grandmothers from being raped. No justification to beat old East Prussian farmers to death in their fields. The flippant response that “The Germans did the same thing in the Soviet Union on the same scale is unproved, undocumented and subject to doubt. The expulsion of some 15 million Germans from their ancient homelands which had been German for centuries is incomprehensible to most people. As is the fact that some two million German expellees died on the winter roads due to sub-freezing temperatures, starvation, beatings and wanton murder. It is for this reason that this atrocity has been ignored and hidden. What happened in the German East (East and West Prussia, Silesia, East Pomerania and East Brandenburg), the Sudetenland, Yugoslavia and elsewhere cannot be justified as deserved revenge or retribution. It was what it was: wanton murder, mass rape, plunder, destruction and barbaric ethnic cleansing. For those of us who lived through these crimes or who have studied them in detail, the often repeated sick justification that the ‘Germans deserved it!’ rings innately false, naive and highly offensive. Half a million Germans, primarily old men and women and children died in the indiscriminate terror bombings and destruction of some 100 German cities. In comparison, 550 people died in the German bombing of Coventry which is often compared to the minimum of 35,000 Germans who died in the senseless fire-bombing of Baroque Dresden. Finally, due to the Expulsion, the mistreatment of German prisoners of war and the widespread crimes committed by the Allies, some 3 million German civilian and military personnel died AFTER THE WAR WAS OVER. In spite of many contradictory statements, the truth is that World War II was NOT a good war! No war is ever a good war!

Name: Dipl.-Phys. Helmut Gobsch data: 2014-05-31 04:14:01 email:
Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. de Zayas,

ich habe auf Ihrer facebook-Seite:

eine Freundschaftsanfrage versendet. Leider haben Sie diese noch nicht bestätigt.

Beste Grüße aus Halle(Saale)

Helmut Gobsch

Name: Ralph Gomez data: 2014-05-30 23:35:32 email:
One of my Grandmothers in my geneology was Zayas..what's the origin of the name?
Name: Clemens Bombeck, Neumarkt data: 2014-05-20 06:37:29 email:
Sehr geehrter Herr de Zayas, mit großem Interesse und dabei innerlich sehr bewegt habe ich in diesen Tagen Ihr Buch "Die deutschen Vertriebenen" gelesen. Als Mitglied des Ermländischen Konsistoriums (ehemals katholisches Domkapitel von Frauenburg) bin ich in der Seelsorge an den Vertriebenen und ihren Nachfahren heute ehrenamtlich tätig.
Meine Mutter hat Flucht und Vertreibung ab Februar 1945 aus Plaßwich, Kreis Braunsberg nach Heiligenbeil, über das Frische Haff und die Nehrung nach Danzig, von dort weiter in Richtung Thorn, wieder zurück nach Danzig und dann von Pillau aus mit dem Schiff ("Jupiter") nach Kopenhagen und dann nach Sorby / Dänemark erleiden müssen. Erst im Sommer 1948 kam sie nach Deutschland. Ihre Geschichte ist auch Teil meiner Lebensgeschichte. Sie hat über ihre Flucht eine Art Tagebuch geschrieben (damals im Internierungslager in Dänemark). Falls es Sie interessiert, kann ich es Ihnen zukommen lassen.
Danke für Ihr Buch!! Danke auch, daß meine Mutter keine Täterin war, sondern Opfer!
Mit freundlichem Gruß
Clemens Bombeck

Abs.: Lic.iur.can. CLEMENS BOMBECK, Pfarrer i.R.
Rainbügl 5a - D-92318 Neumarkt
Tel.: +49 (0)9181 - 5122686
Name: Lyle Skrapek data: 2014-05-17 22:47:55 email:
Dear Prof. Zayas,

What is your opinion of the ICTY? Who are the chief perpetrators of the Balkan wars that occurred in the 1990's? How would you solve the war crimes and provide justice for the victims?

Sincerely, Lyle Skrapek
Name: Christian Nekvedavicius data: 2014-05-17 05:30:07 email:
Sehr geehrter Herr Professor,
beim UNHRC ist eine klare Tendenz feststellbar, Beschwerden, die dem EGMR vorgelegen haben, generell nicht anzunehmen.
Ich war am 10.12.2013 mit meiner Beschwerde vom 12. 12. 2004 beim EGMR erfolgreich, allerdings weigerte man sich, den Hauptteil meiner Beschwerde ("Manifest arbitrariness of judges") zu prüfen, weil angeblich das letzte eingelegte Rechtsmittel ("Antrag auf Wiedereinsetzung in den vorigen Stand") "ineffektiv" gewesen sei (völliger Blödsinn)und daher die Sechsmonatsfrist überschritten sei.
Meine Frage: Muss unter diesen Umständen ("This part of my complaint not having been examined by the Court") das UNHRC meine "Communication under the optional protocol" zulassen?
Nach den zitierten Entscheidungen des UNHRC in Ihrem Werk "United Nations Human Rights Committee Case Law 1977-2008" würde das kommunistische Regime in Litauen verurteilt bzw. mit einer "receommendation" konfrontiert.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort (bitte auf Englisch)

Christian Nekvedavicius
The Foreign Representative of the Lithuanian Association for the Protection of Human Rights
Wilhelmstr. 26
D-48149 Münster
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